Quench Your Thursday

This past week has given us strong glimpses of fall. The sun, still keeping us hot through the car window, but the wind giving way to the cooler days to come. Oh, the suspense! And oh, what a tease summer is. Now, finally getting back up to where temps are supposed to be for late June, we can build our excitement on the pivotal summer holiday: The 4th of July. It’s midsummer already[!!] and there have already been a slew of good tunes to talk about. See which songs are quenching our thirst this week below in no particular order.

Supernaive ft. NAL – “Monsters in My Bed”

Supernaive are a brotherly duo hailing from Paris, France. From their very first EP, Dazed and Confused, “Monsters in My Bed” plays with whimsical synths and ghostly harmonies with a fun and unexpected drop. It’s a track I want to play on a sweltering summer night, driving with the windows down feeling that hot breeze lick my skin.

Pyrex – “’94”

Paying homage to the 90’s, Toronto rapper Pyrex gives us his latest single dedicated to the year he was born and reminding us all of the major influences of the era. With Biggie and Tupac posters intermittently sprinkled throughout the video and most obviously the VHS visuals, us 90’s babies are sure to reminisce. Pyrex’s style mirrors both Drake and Bryson Tiller’s sing and rap act. Playing actively on OVO Sound Radio, Pyrex is also rumoring candidate for OVO’s roster.

Kali Uchis ft. Jorja Smith – “Tyrant”

Columbian-American singer-songwriter, Kali Uchis pairs up with Jorja Smith to give us this kaleidoscope pop piece entitled, “Tyrant”. The first single from her debut studio album, NPR is calling it “a romantic banger flecked with self-awareness.” Tucked between the lines you’ll see Uchis’ desire to escape from the tug and pull of American politics, “When everything is a riot / You’re my peace and quiet”. Amidst the racial fire in the air, it is refreshing to taste the Spanish phrases and to hear the intermingling of cultures in such a bouncy piece. I also can’t help but point out the Lauryn Hill influence that Jorja Smith caricatures. She’s a sure fire and I’m positive we will be hearing more from her soon also.

j.robb Remix Joyce Wrice – “Good Morning”

More 90’s vibes comin’ at ya. I’m sorry. I’m not though. Joyce Wrice’s “Good Morning” gets a futuristic bounce in this remix from j.robb. Baltimore-based j.robb throws it way back to 1976 with opening samples from Roy Ayers and then fast-forwards us on some kind of Back to the Future joyride. The grooves in this remix give me life.

DJ Khalid ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller – “Wild Thoughts”

DJ Khalid resurrects Carlos Santana’s 1999 hit, “Maria Maria” to create a new summer anthem. Santana, a co-signer on the single, has praised to Billboard that “Wild Thoughts” is a “timeless summer vibe.” Plus, anything with Rihanna’s vocals and these visuals.. LAWD. I can’t. stop. watching. Set in Little Haiti, the colors and vibes of this video are a tropical escape. And let’s not forget Tiller’s appearance. With the recent successes of his sophomore album, True To Self, Bryson Tiller creates a sexy verbal backdrop to Rihanna’s dirty dancing.



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