Quench Your Thursday Pt.2

It’s been a wild week: spurts of catastrophic rains, roaring temps., and trying to prep and prepare for a trip abroad. But amidst all of that, I’ve had a couple songs I’d like to share for this Thursday’s Quencher. Enjoy ’em.

Indigo Svn – “Cristen’s Song”

Sometimes life’s darkest moments create the best art. That’s the case in this piece by Indigo Svn. “Cristen’s Song” explains the disconnect that often occurs when two lovers are separated. Time comes creeping in and sandwiches itself between two that once were. In a short interview with Indigo, he tells us that after being separated due to familial obligations, a woman he was involved with had spent some time around an ex flame. “I became really emotional and it was hard to communicate [so] I made the song.” Not until months later did Indigo finally find out that she was actually cheating. His feelings unfolded to create “Cristen’s Song”, a song that evokes “a love hate relationship … because of all the emotional history.”

JAY-Z – “The Story of OJ”

Back with those Brooklyn vibes, Jay-Z mimics the racist cartoons of the past in “The Story of OJ”. USA Today calls it “politically motivated”. “The Story of OJ” and the entire 4:44 album is a call to realization; that no one is above the culture. There is hard truth everywhere and in his new album, 4:44, Jay-Z made it a point to say what no one else is. Read more here.

Covert Run – “Daytrip”

New group Covert Run brings “Daytrip”. Summer romances can bring a slew of emotion, but most importantly hope. Wishful thinking that summer will never end are the types of vibes I pick up from this new single. It’s a song that I want to lay in the grass to, staring up at the sun, letting my cares fall at the wayside.



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